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Hand Carved Wooden Giraffe - 65cm Tall

by Tilnar
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65cm Tall Wooden Giraffe , smallest one pictured, hand carved from non-endangered Jacaranda Wood by Mishack Musevenza who lives in the Harare District of Zimbabwe. Each of these stunning Hand Carved Giraffes will look similar but not identical to the one pictured but each is a one of a kind piece with its own unique markings and poses. Each Giraffe will come with its own Product Tag providing a short biography of the artist.Giraffes are known through out Africa for their natural curiosity. An old folktale tells of God speaking to his newly created animals. As God spoke to Twiza the Giraffe, she stretched out her neck to heaven to hear him more clearly. God was pleased and gave her a long, elegant neck so she could reach the leaves of the tallest trees and as a sign to others that extra effort is rewarded.
100% Fair Trade

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