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Diffuser and Votive Gift Set - Flowers - Bluebell


Diffuser and Votive Gift Set - Flowers - White Jasmine

Bluebell a British Forest Flower its scent a moist echo of summer forest. Green fresh notes, Rosehip, Lily of the valley and Spicy Cloves

A 50ml Reed Diffuser and two 9cl Votive Candles in a Gift Box

Ginger Interiors Rattan Reed Diffusers are designed to slowly and delicately fill a room with wonderful aromas - insert the reeds into the bottle and allow them to draw up the fragrance of White Jasmine to subtly scent the room

Our 9cl Glass Filled Votive Candles have a burning time of approx 25 - 30 hours, are made using a high quality natural wax blend, free from any petroleum based paraffin wax, additives or animal based ingredients and are clean burning with a low carbon diffusion

Made in England with recycled glass, as well as recycled paper and cardboard, being used for labels and packaging

At Ginger Interiors we are incredibly proud of our candle and diffuser collection which offers a well priced, extremely high quality product providing a great ethical and guilt free treat!