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Ginger Interiors Incense Sticks - Pack of 10


Pack of 10 Incense Sticks 

By popular demand the newest addition to the Ginger Interiors home fragrance collection, Incense sticks available in six of our most popular fragrances presented in Stylish Ginger Interiors packaging.

Hand Dipped Incense made by Heaven Scent for Ginger Interiors in the UK.  

Our Incense is all hand dipped using special bamboo sticks coated in tree powder then coated in a guar gum from tree sap.  We use essential oils only or high quality perfume oil.  All uniquely hand dipped in a vegetable base mixed with the fragrance

Packet contains 10 sticks which burn for up to an hour

Please select your chosen scent from the drop down box

Made in England using recycled glass, as well as recycled paper and cardboard for labels and packaging

At Ginger Interiors we are incredibly proud of our candle and diffuser collection which offers a well priced, extremely high quality product providing a great ethical and guilt free treat!

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