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Ceramic Pot Reed Diffuser 100ml - Saffron Amberwood Moss & Fir - Heaven Scent


Reed Diffuser 100ml - Saffron Amberwood Moss & Fir

A rich fragrance with the top notes of saffron and jasmine, combined with the earthy middle notes of rosemary, tagette and amberwood, set off with the woody base notes of cedar, moss and fir resin.

Presented in a beautifully designed ceramic bottle. From a palette of stylish colours 

A Reed Diffuser is an easy, long lasting and chemical free way to fragrance your home, transforming the ambience of any room in moments

Insert the reeds into the bottle and allow them to draw up the wonderful aroma of Saffron Amberwood Moss & Fir to fragrance the room

Natural aroma diffusers are now a must have home accessory for a reason, they look great and our exclusive rattan reed diffusers are alcohol free and formulated using natural ingredients, designed to slowly release subtle enveloping scents to enhance the home without damaging the environment

Made in England by Heaven Scent in Wiltshire near Bath using recycled paper and cardboard for labels and packaging

At Ginger Interiors we are incredibly proud of our candle and diffuser collection which offers a well priced, extremely high quality product providing a great ethical and guilt free treat!



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