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Copper Water Bottle 750ml - H20 Collection Featuring Meg Hawkins Designs

by Tilnar
Copper water bottle collection stylish designs featuring Artwork from UK Artist Meg Hawkins. The H2O Collection from Tilner Art are both kind to the environment and a healthier personal choice
Helping the environment one sip at a time
  • Help Reduce Plastic Pollution - Help the environment one sip at a time by reducing the use of single use plastic water bottles.
  • Ocean Friendly - Sustainable sourced, recyclable and plastic free, presented is a stylish recycled paper gift box.
  • Hand finished and Fair Trade - Hand finished by our Fair Trade artisans in India, designed in the UK
  • Health Benefits - Copper drinking vessels have for centuries been believed to have a number of health benefits, including removing bacteria and helping arthritis.
  • Reduce Virus Spread - Viruses only survive around 4 Hours on a copper surface as opposed to up to 3 days on plastic

100% Fair Trade